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Going into all the world with the compassion of Jesus, preaching the word with fire, and seeing His glory revealed in all those who hear it.

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Welcome to Compassion, Fire and Glory Ministries International

Compassion, Fire and Glory Ministries International is an apostolic ministry that travels throughout the world winning souls, training leaders, and bringing revival and edification to the church. Our vision was birthed in 1998 as we began to minister to the nations. Since that time, we have ministered on five continents, in 30 nations, and have seen over 1,200,000 people born again. An International Church Fellowship has been established to train and equip leaders through continued education with our DVD bible school. We now have over 1,200 churches in 13 nations in this fellowship. Thousands of other leaders have been trained over the past few years and we believe that this is crucial in continuing to spread the fires of revival.

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