Since the inception of this ministry, our goal has been to reach out. Many ministries build support and then branch out. We have done the opposite. Our ministry began by going to the nations, and it has continued to carry that focus. From our humble beginnings in villages and towns in Africa and Asia, to massive crusades miracle crusades in India; we keep pressing into that great promise that our Lord Jesus gave us. The gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the nations of the earth and then the end will come. Since we began, hundreds of thousands of people have heard that gospel. Tens of thousands have been healed of sickness and disease. The captives have been set free and the Lord has been glorified in numerous places around the world. One thing is for sure, there still is more to do.

Our desire is not only to preach about God’s love, but also to show it. Throughout the years, we have held many feeding outreaches in which we show God’s love to those who are in need. What better way to open the door for the gospel than to meet a need, then tell them about the One who meets all needs. This is especially effective in areas where the gospel has never been preached. On numerous occasions, we have been privileged to share God’s love in areas that have never been reached. Our motto is to go where no one else will. That is why we endeavor to continue and reach the unreached and train the untrained.

Along with our crusades and feeding programs, we also have several orphanages that we have helped over the years as well as our affiliate ministries’ children’s programs. We believe that the children of this generation shall truly walk in the power of God and be a major part of this last great end time revival. This is not just a kind gesture, but also a commandment from God. Those who have been cast out or orphaned because of disease and war, must be reached. The sad truth is that there are more out there that need our help, and that is why we need yours.

The gospel of love and forgiveness must be proclaimed throughout the earth. We know that we have only a small part, but we are excited and honored to even have one. Our goal is to reach millions with the gospel. We will continue to preach in the streets, the villages, the towns and the cities. Whether it be a venue to hundreds or one to tens of thousands, every soul is precious. Our goal is not only to continue, but to branch out into television and use the internet to broaden our reach. Seeing souls saved, bodies healed and lives changed never loses its flavor. The word promises us that God would give us the nations as our inheritance, and we will claim it.

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